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halo ce remake info

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halo ce remake info

Post by VnM jboy on Sun Jul 17, 2011 8:01 am

Multiplayer & how it will work with Reach

- The multiplayer component of Halo C.E. Anniversary Edition will include 7 classic maps from the Halo universe(6 competitive & 1 Firefight).

- It will be running on the Reach engine.

- It is NOT a separate multiplayer experience from Reach. It IS the Reach multiplayer with only the 7 maps.

- Only the 7 maps will be included on the C.E. disk, but if you own Reach there will be an option to download a "content pack" that will allow you to play all your Reach maps(including DLC) using the C.E. disk.

- There will be multiplayer & firefight playlists specifically tailored to the anniversary edition maps. They can be played with either disk.

- If you don't own Reach you will be limited to the above playlists(& customs).

- Two of the C.E. Maps officialy mentioned(more are clearly visible in the trailer, like Hang'em High) are Damnation & Beaver Creek.

- To clarify, if you don't own Reach you will be limited to the 7 maps on the C.E. disk. If you do you will be able to play the full Reach map selection(DLC and all) using the C.E. disk. So if your using the C.E. disk and own Reach you will only be missing the Reach campaign(you would have to use the Reach disk to play Reach campaign{similar to ODST}). The opposite is also true. You will be able to use your Reach disk to play on the C.E. maps(after download).

C.E. Anniversary Campaign

- It is almost an exact remake of the original game.

- A few things have been added like terminals and/or data pads(and possibly more).

- At any point in the game you can switch back and forth between the original graphics and the HD remake on the fly by pressing the "back" button on your controller.

- It has 2 player online Co-op.


- It is going to be released on November 15, 2011(exactly 10 years from the date of the original release).

- It's remastered by 343 studios(Microsoft), not Bungie(the original creator).

- It will cost $39.99(U.S.) because it's meant to be a "discount title"(similar to how O.D.S.T. was originally supposed to be). <---Didn't realize that odst was bumped back up to $60 at release.

Information taken from Bungie.net's forums.


For most, this is extremely exciting, however it almost feels as if it is more of an expansion pack rather than a whole new game, or remake. Unfortunately, for all the Halo 1-3 die-hard fans, it will not be like the original, it will have a more 'Reach' feel to it.

The ability to be able to switch from HD mode to classic original mode is a brilliant idea from the developers. It can show how far the Halo world has come in ten years! That is of course, if you wish to live in the past.
VnM jboy
VnM jboy
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Colonel (COL)

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Re: halo ce remake info

Post by Teh 1337 Klutch on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:13 am

they should remake halo 2. AKA the best halo
Teh 1337 Klutch
Teh 1337 Klutch
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Major General (MG)

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