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Clan Rank Structure

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Clan Rank Structure

Post by VnM Disciple on Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:12 pm

This is our rank structure. Ranks will be issued based mostly on your TIME IN SERVICE (length of time you have been an official clan member). Other factors that benefit individual promotion is based on your PERFORMANCE in game (How well you play as a TEAM and how well you give or take orders as well as what you do to improve your game-play). Some ranks require an administration commitment or will be given based on clan necessity until proper balance is achieved. Here is a recap of what it takes to rank up in order of importance:

1) Time in Service- how long you have been a member (TIS).
2) Performance- how well you play as a team in game, your self-improvement initiative, and your abilities to follow or lead.

Our clan ranking system is broken up into a 3-tier system. This structure consists of Regulars, Council, and Command. Council, and Command Echelon members will have admin commitments. The Echelons are explained below:

1) Regulars- 0 to 3 months TIS. MUST FOLLOW CODE OF CONDUCT

2) Council- 4 to 8 months TIS. Skilled performance in game, satisfactory administratively

3) Command- 9 to 12 months or more TIS. Outstanding Performance in game, Skilled administratively, satisfactory with project management according to leadership vision.

Below are basic examples of what your rank means and the Echelon it falls under. Rank does NOT mean someone is always a better player or person! Rank does NOT provide ANYONE the right to slander or trample fellow members or the gaming community. It is a combination of factors already stated above. These are positions of responsibility, loyalty, ability/talent, and commitment. Many of these positions will not be filled right away as our clan rank structure is still evolving and positions are still being filled.


These ranks are oriented towards forum activity, operations in game focused on follower ship skills, and learning to lead when possible. Regulars are expected to be learning about the clan and its members, team concepts, communications, policy, and constant improvement. The Regulars Echelon is the backbone of Team [xVMx]. Regulars’ time requirements are progressive.

Recruit (RCT) Promoted after recruiting process at Command Council discretion.

Private (PVT) Promoted after 1 forum post

Private First Class (PFC) Promoted after 25 Posts

Corporal (CPL) Promoted after 50 Posts

Sergeant (SGT) Promoted after 75 Posts

Staff Sergeant (SSG) Promoted after 100 Posts

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Promoted after 125 Posts

Master Sgt (MSG) Promoted after 150 Posts

1st Sergeant (1SG) Promoted after 200 Posts

Sergeant Major (SGM) Promoted after 300 Posts

Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Promoted after 500 Posts

Upper Council members will be expected to manage and support the Command Echelon. All Upper Council consists of Clan officers. Upper Council members start to receive special access to [xVMx] resources and assets as needed.

2nd Lieutenant (2LT)

1st Lieutenant (1LT)

Captain (CPT)

Major (MAJ)

Lieutenant Colonel (LTC)

Colonel (COL)


Command has exclusive access rights and authority to ALL information, material, tools, and resources to create and/or implement Clan Vision. Command is governed by unified agreement within the same Echelon and must be supported by Council typically but not necessarily through official board meetings or web postings. No “one” Commander has the authority to control or manipulate anything, especially policy, without concurrence within Command or vote within the board where Upper Council is present. If Command stops existing then the clan itself will no longer exist. NO COMMANDER can be removed from the clan without proper mutiny procedure or prior submit into the reserve rank structure for at least 1 month. Commanders carry the burden and responsibility for keeping Team [xVMx] “ALIVE and BREATHING” while simultaneously growing. Commanders also create and implement clan vision and manage Upper Council members or Unique Ranks and they’re multiple tasks, goals, projects, or purposes. A single Commander can operate and manage Team [xVMx] as long as there is concurrence by a fellow Commander and an Upper Council COL. Multiple Command positions exist to ensure full functionality of the clan in the absence of key members within the leadership structure. Command ensures functionality in the volatile online environment that we exist. Ultimately, Command is concerned about Vision, Growth, Online Entertainment, and Positive Evolution within the online world that includes many phenomenon's.

Brigadier General (BG)

Major General (MG)

Lieutenant General (LTG)

General (GEN)

Commander (Leader-Founder of Venom Massacre)
VnM Disciple
VnM Disciple
Commander (Leader-Founder of Venom Massacre)
Commander (Leader-Founder of Venom Massacre)

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